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Choir updates

Why we called our company Choir?

The short, truthful, an very honest answer is “because JP said so”. But there's also a longer version.

Kanishka and I founded Choir in partnership with Diagram Ventures, a venture studio that helps develop ideas into full-fledged companies.

JP identified from the investors perspective a very similar gap in the market to the one Kanishka and I noticed as operators. He contacted us, we brainstormed together, and melded our ideas into what eventually became Choir.

In one of the early decks he created to outline our thoughts and concepts, JP gave the company a name - Choir.

Kanishka and I had a bunch of other (much worse) ideas for company names. None of them spoke to us as much as the name Choir did.

Neither of us sings or is even remotely musical, and we’ve certainly were never a part of a choir. We are both also not of Christian faith and have not grown up with a church choir as part of our daily lives. However we did connect to the name right away.

The values of a choir

A choir works together. It is many parts becoming a larger cohesive whole. Harmonizing is a very pure form of collaboration.

A choir is also very accurate and precise. It makes very difficult tasks look very easy and simple by diligent preparation, high degree of expertise, and meticulous attention to detail.

And a choir is the ultimate supporting tool. It amplifies and enhances the speaker or preacher, making their points stronger and more effective, and making them feel bigger and stronger.

These are all the things we want to be, and all the things we want to offer fintech and financial institution risk leaders with our products.

We want you to have faith that our products are a result of preparation, expertise, and attention to details.

We want you to know our products are being built and will be customized to fit precisely to your needs, to be perfectly in-tune with whatever other tools and systems you are already using.

And most of all we want you to feel amplified, enhanced, and supported by us. Our main goal is to be of help to you, to be your supporting super-power.

So while the short answer to the question why we named our company Choir is “because JP said so”, the slightly longer answer is that JP found us a name that perfectly captures what we want to be for you.

Want to hear more about what we are building? See how we might be able to be of help to you? Just chat about what you are going through? contact us.

We’d love to chat. We’d love to be of help.