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Strengthen your risk decisions with risk







Leaders in financial institutions need to make well-informed strategic decisions. Now there's a risk analytics dashboard for that.

Transforming risk data into strategic advantage

Risk data models that do the heavy lifting

Make the most of your risk data with industry-leading data models and visualizations. Get instant access to over 100 classifications and performance dashboards as soon as you upload your data to the Choir platform.

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Transforming risk data into strategic advantage

Actionable insights (really)

Your data is only as valuable as the insights it yields - Choir's platform generates risk-specific and contextually strong action items to improve the quality of your portfolio

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Connect with an expert to explore options for your risk needs

Access a curated marketplace of risk industry experts to make sure you're tailoring the smartest possible risk management for your business

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Proactive risk management for financial leaders

For business growth

Gain valuable risk intelligence to drive strategic decisions, optimize growth opportunities, and maintain a robust risk management framework.

For empowering risk teams

Equip your risk team with advanced tools and analytics to proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring financial stability.

For informed decision making

Make informed choices, align risk appetite with objectives, and drive organizational success with actionable risk insights.

The risk platform has provided us with deep insights into our risk performance, enabling us to make informed strategic decisions that drive our business forward. The ability to generate customized reports has been incredibly beneficial, as we can easily communicate risk metrics and trends to our board and investors. The platform's collaborative features have also fostered a culture of risk awareness throughout our organization, empowering our teams to contribute to effective risk management.

David Robert

The risk platform has transformed our risk management processes. With its advanced analytics and real-time monitoring, we can identify potential risks proactively and make informed decisions promptly. The platform's ability to generate comprehensive reports has been a game-changer, saving us valuable time and providing accurate insights that enable us to mitigate risks effectively. It's an invaluable tool for any risk management team.

John Anderson
Risk Manager

Achieve risk excellence with Choir

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